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Statement 2012

Inga Ropsa
Layout Designer, Illustrator

The vision of 1999 has turned into: « She is turning her inside out. She creates. This is reality.»

In summer 2012 Inga Ropsa has created and is the owner of her own design company INGA DESIGN. From this moment on, she is sharing her day being half time employee, layout artist at Publishing House Santa and the other half in her design studio. This gives her possibility to explore her artistical needs and at the same time to be aware of the latest design trends and issues in Publishing design worldwide.

Inga Design does illustrations for children and children consumption products, as well as wedding cards, greeting cards. She helps companies with promo material design (business cards, corporate identity packages, flyers, advertising layouts for magazines etc.)

Statement 1999

Inga Ropsa
Glass Designer Watercolorist

«She has almost everything.She closed her eyes, oh, yes, she had a fleeting glimpse of everything. She is turning her inside out. She creates. This is reality.»

Inga Ropsa is a native of Riga, and currently divides her time between her home studio and commissioned job. In addition, she has taught numerous workshops for teenagers and preliminary school attendees. Inga Ropsa studied at Riga Applied Arts College and the Academyof Arts of Latvia.

It must be stated here, she holds B.A. in Applied Arts and a master’s degree in Arts Research and Sciences. Also, there was a period of studies at Wroclaw Higher School of Applied Arts in Wroclaw, Poland, being in a close touch with local academic workshops. At the same time, there were a couple of artworks done for students’ summer symposium in Poland. These workshops had been something special for Inga Ropsa, because she had got an opportunity to learn new techniques for glass surface and see more variations for using glass layers. Consequently, she focussed her attention on the incredible amount of glass design opportunities. Familiarities given to her in such way helped to make her own setup for further growth.
After returning back to Latvia, her artworks reflected wide range of Western and Central European influences. Further more, after establishing her own style in free-hand glass design, Inga Ropsa went to Paris to carry out her personal research and study French glass design of the leading artists from Galle and Lalique to the recent movements of modern art. Her northern soul was greatly impressed by Galle acid – scratched fabulous glasswares, simultaneously diving into an ocean of vibrant forms.

She also spent a very creative year in advertising as an ads and streetboards designer for Riga Musical Theater. It improved her ability to work within team and comprehend a bases of successful management in the field of Entertainment and Show industry. Her taste and talent to catch the string of event were widely appreciated and she got several important commissions as streetboard designer.

In addition, it should be mentioned here as a favourable fact, she also studied at Riga Commerce School, took a Master’s course at Riga Higher School of Pedagogy and Education Management, which promoted her growth.

This is to announce her acknowledgements so far (1999):

  1. 1989 – 1995 participating in exhibitions in a variety of media – artpiecesin oil and watercolor, in stained glass and glass design, in commercialdesign and in graphics
  2. 1990 Student’s workshop and symposium in Wroclaw, Poland
  3. 1991 Student’s workshop and symposium in Lvov, Ukraine
    Participation in a group exhibition in one of the central galleries, as «Bastejs» in Riga, Latvia with free-blown glasswares.
Objectives: collecting a wide range of artistic experiences, exploring different ways of the world perception.
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