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Look at Inga Design Portfolio before you order, if you want to know more
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Look at Inga Design Portfolio before you order, if you want to know more Follow my Blog INGA DESIGN CREATIVE SPACE

INGA DESIGN IK is Graphics and Design Studio working under the leagal terms of micro entreprise founded back in 2012. Focusing on Graphics and layouting. INGA DESIGN is a brand name of graphics designer Inga Ropša, the graduate of Latvian Academy of Fine Arts (Latvijas Mākslas Akadēmija). More than ten years experience in professional field and soon will be celebrating five years of entreprise Inga Design.

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Every single commission received is pampered witn skills, experience and heart. In the mainframe of the project, much of the time is dedicated to comprehend and excel clients needs and ideas, which is resulting in unique design meant to work for client's product or service.

INGA DESIGN gives image looks, attirance to client products or services, varieting from constructive style into vintage or roccoco. Whatsoever your goals are, INGA DESIGN helps you to achieve them. INGA DESIGN motto - design must be simple, unforgettable and easy comprehended by audience. >>

For your convenience, there is an Online shop-boutique SHOP INGA DESIGN, where you can buy my handmade watercolor cards, mixed media Greeting cards, unframed watercolors as well as to see my Knitts, Crochets and Digital Images.

My online boutique is for you, if you want to choose already premade items, get your purchase packed within 2-3 working days. And even follow your packaging delivery status online. Payment method is PayPal.

Everyone is warmly welcomed to visit SHOP INGA DESIGN online boutique. If you want your purchase through bank transfer, please contact us to get our IBAN number.


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Payment secured with PayPal
Payment secured with PayPal

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